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The Murray Convention & Visitors Guide is published annually and highlights local attractions and how you can Live, Work and Play in Murray.

The Chamber of Commerce Viewbook highlights area business information along with information about the quality of life in Murray

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Find rental properties with Murray's Rent List which is updated every Friday at 4pm

  1. Visit the Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce for a rent list, which includes a complete listing of rental properties available for only $3.
  2. When touring the apartment, pay close attention to details. Make sure all appliances work and check for the amenities most important to you, items like closet space  or a garbage disposal.
  3. Pay attention to extra costs separate from the rent. Are any utilities included? Is there a security deposit? Is the place furnished with a washer and dryer? Be sure to budget for deposits on water and electricity as well.
  4. Be prepared to provide the landlord with references or to allow him or her to check your credit report. This is not a frequent request, but some home/apartment owners require it.
  5. Contact other tenants who have the same landlord to find out how timely repairs are made.
  6. If you don't understand the lease, consult a real estate agent before signing it. Pay close attention to the details of the contract for items like pet allowances, who is responsible for repairs, and the duration of the lease.
  7. ALWAYS purchase renter's insurance. Do not assume that the landlord's insurance policy will cover your belongings in the event of a fire or other occurrence.