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SizeUp Your Business

Use the Chamber's SizeUp tool to compare your business to the competition                size-up-1

SizeUp is a Chamber provided online tool, sponsored by The Murray Insurance Agency and Murray State University's Office of Regional Outreach, designed to help businesses grow by making smarter decisions through data analysis. Add your business information and see how your business measures up to the competition in your industry. SizeUp gives you a comparative market analysis along with recommendations on how best to move forward. There are four main tools: Performance benchmarking: See how a specific business "sizes up" by comparing its performance to all competitors in its industry. Competitive assessment: Map where competitors, customers, and suppliers are located to determine where to better serve customers. Best places to advertise: Identify areas with the highest revenue for an industry, the most underserved markets, and filter for the best location based on demographic and business characteristics. Demographic analysis: View an interactive map of demographic, labor, and customer expenditure data in your area.

If you have questions about the data or wonder what to do next – Contact Chris Wooldridge at the Small Business Development Center at 270.809.2856 or and schedule your business consultation.

Note: SizeUp is not supported by Internet Explorer 6.0 & 7.0. Please use one of the supported browsers (IE 8.0+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Sizeup works best on a desktop computer.

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