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Chamber Advantage Health Insurance Savings


Chamber Advantage: Anthem Rest Easy | Small Business

ChamberAdvantage is a self-funded insurance plan allowing groups with 2-50 employees to join together in a larger, self-funded pool and share in the overall claims risk. With financial protection backed by Anthem’s stop-loss coverage, this is a great alternative to the Affordable Care Act plans, providing lower costs and more predictable rates.

ChamberAdvantage will offer a wide array of plan options and any Anthem agent can assist you in choosing the best coverage.

The first effective date for the plans is 10/01/2019, if a group joined effective 10/01 they received a twenty month rate. Should a group come on 11/01 they will have a 19 month rate, 12/01 and 18 month rate, and so on. The first renewal date is June 2021.


If you have questions please contact us at the Chamber 270-753-5171

Insurance Agents with questions about quoting please contact your Anthem representative or general agent.

Full Product Guide

ChamberAdvantage Overview & FAQ Flyer

Anthem Enhanced Choice

Individual Health Plans that work for you are now available. After speaking with Anthem Director Harry Hayes last week, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield on health insurance options for entrepreneurs, individuals, gig workers, and 1099 contractors. Open enrollment and cancel anytime. Get a quote for the new Anthem Enhanced Choice plan quote by contacting your local health insurance agent. For information on the plan, see this FAQ pdf.
Qualifications: (must be a member of our Chamber)
  • 64 years and nine months or younger to apply as of effective date
  • U.S. citizen or national or be a lawfully-present non-citizen
  • Resident in the state in which you are applying
  • Agreement to pay the cost of the required premium
  • Not entitled to or enrolled in Medicare Parts A/B, C, and/or D
  • Not covered by any other group or individual health benefit plan
  • Not currently incarcerated
  • Satisfactory proof of dependent eligibility (if applicable and needed)
  • Qualified under this contract on the effective date.

Please contact Hailey Anderson, Director of Membership Development, for additional questions. 

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