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Remote Employment

In a global economy with advanced communication technology, remote work is a growing trend. The Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corporation and TVA have partnered with FlexJobs to facilitate remote job opportunities for residents of our community. Our goal through this community remote work ready program is to connect Calloway County residents to remote employment opportunities.

FlexJobs Membership

FlexJobs makes it easier, faster, and safer to find a job that better fits your life.

  • Remote work from home jobs that are full-time and part-time
  • Employee and freelance jobs
  • On-site jobs including flexible and alternative schedules
  • All professional, all vetted, all with a flexible work option.

You’ll also get motivational support, expert resources and advice, and much more to help you land a job that better fits you. Let FlexJobs help you find a better job, a better way.

The Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce has awarded all of our FREE memberships to FlexJobs. We encourage those interested to check into their own membership through FlexJobs.

Questions? Please contact Hailey Anderson at

remote work

Community Partners

Remote Employment 101

How to Find and Land a Remote Job

A video overview presented by FlexJobs

In this video you will learn:

  • Get to know the most common remote jobs, which companies are hiring, and which fields are growing with remote work
  • Learn which skills are most in-demand for remote jobs, and how to showcase the ones you already have
  • See how to write your resume specifically for remote job applications
  • Understand how to steer clear of work-from-home job scams

How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Fair

A video overview presented by FlexJobs

In this video you will learn:

  • How to navigate the FlexJobs platform so you will know what to expect when attending a future Virtual Job Fair
  • Benefits of attending a Virtual Job Fair
  • Researching companies and jobs
  • Preparing your mind and physical space

How to Write a Resume for Remote Jobs

A video overview presented by FlexJobs

In this video you will learn:

  • What employers look for in remote job applicants
  • The best information to include on your resume for remote jobs
  • Do's and Dont's for formatting and content
  • Samples - what great remote resumes look like
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