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Unemployment Information

KY Unemployment Payments Update and New Hotline Number: Gov. Beshear provided an update on the state’s efforts to work through an unprecedented number of unemployment insurance claims. He said nearly 174,000 claims have been paid out totaling more than $173 million. However, he noted that about 37,000 claims from March remain unprocessed. The Governor said a variety of issues were causing the delays, including employer separation and identity verification issues. The new hotline number is 844-958-4627.

Employee Guides: 

What You Need to Know About the CARES Act

What You Need to Know About Kentucky Unemployment under the CARES Act

Employer’s Handbook on Kentucky’s Unemployment Insurance: The Cabinet for Education and Workforce Development has created a handbook for employers related to unemployment insurance and COVID-19. Click here for a copy.

Unemployment Insurance Q&A: Josh Benton, Deputy Secretary of the KY Workforce Development Cabinet, and Jonathon Pendergrass of the Kentucky Career Center, spoke with the Paducah Chamber during an informational call on Wednesday regarding Unemployment Insurance. The Chamber continues to get questions from both employers and employees as businesses navigate how to operate during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read our notes from the call here.  The call was livestreamed on WPSD’s website and you can listen to the full audio version of the call at

Federal UI funds: During his daily update on Wednesday (4-8-20), Gov. Beshear announced that Kentucky has now received federal funds from the CARES Act to add $600/week to each individual’s unemployment benefits. This payment is in addition to the allocated state benefit. Any person who has an approved unemployment claim will receive the funds automatically.

Unemployment Insurance Instructions: The Kentucky Career Center website has been revamped and has new information that will be helpful in filing unemployment claims. Click here to see the new information.

Unemployment Insurance claims must be filed on a specific day of the week based on the first letter of your last name. Below is a list of days. Here’s a list of what an employee needs to have ready for filing. More Kentuckians are now eligible to receive unemployment. These include independent contractors, small business owners, substitute teachers, cosmetologists and others. If someone is unsure if they should file or not, they are encouraged to go ahead and file.

Need help? The UI Help Line is 502-564-2900. The Paducah Career Center number is 270-575-7000.

Click here to view video - Unemployment Insurance with Kentucky Workforce and Education Deputy Secretary Josh Benton held for Chambers throughout Western Kentucky.

The Chamber compiled a “Quick Facts” document to help you as a summary of the call. Click here to read our notes.

Employers with more than 50 employees, who are laying off more than 15, can file on behalf of their employees by going to or by calling 502-564-2369. From those contacts you can file mass/multiple claims at once, as opposed to having employees go on the website and apply individually. It is hopeful that this eases the burden on the state’s UI system. Click here for more information.

Medicaid for those losing their job because of COVID-19:  Gov. Beshear announced barriers are being removed for those losing their jobs to access government assistance, including Medicaid, food assistance and others. Similar to what is being done with unemployment insurance benefits in the state, changes are being made to ensure those losing their jobs due to the coronavirus can get government-provided health coverage immediately.

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